"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Monday, February 1, 2010

We have Lilyia

We have our sweet girl and she is just so precious and adorable. The first hour was very difficult as she wanted nothing to do with us, but after we got back to the hotel and the kids started playing with her and after we got out the M-n-M's she warmed up quite a bit and has just done so well. Now that it is getting close to bedtime she is starting to struggle a little bit again. She says all kinds of chinese words which is so cute and she repeats things the kids say. She has already said Aly, Austin and Parker-it's so funny! The pictures below are of our first day with her. The pictures of her in the yellow are when we very first got her and then the rest of the pictures we took throughout the afternoon after she warmed up some. I just can't believe she ours...

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  1. praising God!
    she is just precious.

    praying her heart is comforted and she can truly feel safe and loved in your arms. :)

    enjoy your newest blessing!!!

  2. WOW!! Praise the Lord! You can see and feel her emotion in the different pictures...my heart breaks for her breaking heart, but is so warmed with seeing her warm up to her new siblings. God is so great, and is already doing a work in her heart!

    She is so precious and beautiful!! Congratulations!

  3. She is so adorable!!! Continuing the prayers for you and your family!

  4. Congratulations! So good to see her in your arms. Praying that her heart opens up to your love very quickly.

  5. Praise God! She's yours! Will continue to pray for her heart to soften to you all and be open to the love you have to give.
    She's darling!

  6. Oh how sweet. Our son was the same way. I thought he'd never stop crying, got out the snacks in the hotel. MAGIC. No more crying. Until we took off his new shoes we bought him,so he slet with them. LOL She's a sweet heart. have fun!!!

  7. If you have that tracking thing on your blog and wonder where this is coming from, I'm Jana B's mom. She shared about your exciting trip for your new little one. Congratulations at finally having your daughter in your arms. I read all your posts to learn more about how God worked this miracle.

    I'm praying for her little heart to grow more and more at peace, as she interacts with you and your kids. Having them along will help "distract" her from the fact that she suddenly has all new "caregivers". Our kids were all older (twice 4yr olds, 10yrs old, and 11yrs old)when they came home. They each dealt with their losses different, from needing to be peeled off their caretaker, to needing to be tapped on the shoulder to remind them of a goodbye hug, to crying everytime we tried to go out in public with them in Guatemala. Your little one will have her own way of adjusting to all that's new in her world, as will your family. Enjoy, enjoy.

    What an amazing trip you are on. I know it will forever be emblazoned in your memory!
    Nancy in Iowa

  8. So precious to see you all finally together! Praying that your adjustment will be smooth and that God will open up Lilyia's heart to love and trust you.