"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day #2 with Lilyia

Well, our first night with Lilyia was definitely difficult.  She is really grieving the loss of her foster family and everything familiar to her and she was up quite a bit in the night crying or maybe I should say screaming.  My heart just breaks for her.  I had already prepared my self for her not wanting to come to us right away or having anything to do with us, so I am okay with that for now.  But, to see her so sad and confused is very hard and it breaks my heart.  However, she has had a lot of good moments too...she loves her siblings and she laughs and plays well with them which I am thankful for.  Everyday will get a little bit better.  She has had quite a few breakdowns throughout the day and at this point she seems to want her daddy more than she wants me-but I am thankful she is finding comfort in one of us at least.
I am so surprised at all the words she says...she talks all the time.  Unfortunately we really don't know what she is saying since it is a different dialect of Chinese than what John had learned.  So, that doesn't help us out much.  She is also potty trained we have been told, but she doesn't know how to use western toilets since all the chinese families have squatter toilets so that has been a bit of a challenge.  So, we have just been keeping a diaper on her for now.
We signed our adoption papers today so she is now officially ours!  We will stay in Nanning until Friday when we get her passport and then we fly to Guanghzhou where we finalize the adoption on the US side of things.  So, the next 3 days will be filled with sightseeing in Nanning while we wait for her passport to be processed.  Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo here in Nanning.
She is such a sweet little girl and I just pray her heart will be softened a little bit more every day. 

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  1. i am so happy for you all! your previous post yesterday brought tears to my eyes! the photos of the moment you met her are priceless - both for their joy and their tears. i am praying for you all every day, lilyia especially in her transition!


  2. Praying for sweet Lilyia's heart!

  3. so sorry she is grieving..but as you know, it's good too. I'm so glad she is having some good moments in the midst of the sadness and screaming. You are right -every day will get a little bit better for her. Praying for all of you, but especially her heart.