"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4 days left to go

Sorry it has been a couple days since I have blogged.  It has been kind of a frustrating couple of days.  Lilyia is still struggling quite a bit with me and I am just SO READY to be home.  It seems the days are filled with pretty much nothing to do as we are constantly just waiting on paperwork.  So, our guide just finds silly things for us to do to fill the time that are not very kid friendly and make the days even more stressful.  I really wish this process wasn't so long.
We have 4 more days before we fly back to America.  I must say we are counting down the days!  We flew to Guanghzhou on Friday night and so we are now in a new hotel.  Lilyia really does not like the hotel rooms at all...I really hope and pray she will do better once we get home and can get into a normal routine.  Please keep praying for Lilyia as she is still having a very hard time.  She will not come to mommy at all unless daddy is right there with her.  She has really attached quickly to John, but is still not too sure about Mommy.  This is getting harder and harder for me each day when I am not seeing much progress.  She completely shuts down and starts crying if John leaves the room or if I try and hold her.  I just keep thinking how her world has been turned upside down and if we could just get home and have a normal life it would be better...although I know there will still be struggles when we get home I would think it would help some.  It will also be interesting when John goes back to work and it is just the kids and I at home.  I know this is normal as many adopted kids focus in on one parent and attach faster to that parent than the other, but it is still very hard nonetheless.  I am trying to remember that at least she is not rejecting us both but is able to find comfort in one of us.  It has helped to have the other kids here, Parker will always come to me so I don't feel quite as bad. :)
Lilyia had her medical appointment yesterday and she required 5 shots before she would be allowed into the US.  She did pretty good, but she was sad.  The medical clinic was very interesting, it was just filled with adoptive families and their new children and there were a lot of crying babies. It was quite chaotic.  Glad that is over with.
The White Swan hotel where we are staying is very nice and it does have a kids play room which has been great and gives us more to do out of our hotel room.  Tomorrow we are going to Safari Park about one hour away-it is supposed to be one of the nicest zoos in China...hopefully it won't rain as it rained all day today.  We decided to just plan this on our own as our guide was going to take us on another shopping trip which does not sound like much fun with 4 kids.  I have heard this Safari Park is SO much fun so please pray the rain stays away as we are getting stir crazy and need something fun to do to pass the time.
Thanks again to everyone for your prayers and comments.  We are so in love with this sweet little girl and can't wait to bring her home so you all can meet her.  Keep praying for her sweet little heart to be softened to mommy that she would be able to see how much I truly love her.

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  1. I love getting up in the morning and reading your blog, it's so fun to see what you were doing while we were sleeping! Once again, the pictures are so sweet.
    Hang in there, you'll be home so soon, everything will feel more normal when you're home. I'm sure in no time at all, she'll realize how awesome you are Des!
    I'm praying. I love you.

  2. So sorry. I know how this feels. Grace wanted NOTHING to do with me in China...I felt sort of sucker punched! i couldn't seem to calm her, she always wanted baba... It's getting better, but she's still a baba's girl!

    I'll be praying that the last part of the trip goes quickly and peacefully and that her heart will open to you. I'll also be praying for peace and comfort for you. You're almost there!